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emerge™ at Walmart This post is sponsored by emerge™ and all opinions are my own.

I have longed for times where I can have an easy wash and go, and it’s safe to say that emerge™ hair care products provide just that. With emerge, naturalists are able to enjoy their hair in a different way. With stronger, long lasting define curls, coils and kinks- emerge gives your hair life!

As an individual who constantly has to keep her hair healthy, it is hard to find the best products to help my hair, and with my hair texture, I also encounter issues detangling my hair. Emerge helps those flaws and smoothens my hair to protect and nourish it.

With products like emerge High Key Smooth Conditioner, a hair conditioner made with almond milk and pequil oil to hydrate frizzy curls, my hair receives the best moisture. It gives me the confidence to flaunt my hair. And with It's Knot Happening shampoo (a sulfate free shampoo that moisturizes dry hair) my hair is lively and voluminous.

I was able to order what combination best fit me and easily pick it up from the nearest Walmart. I love it!

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